The version of my Ubuntu is 20.04 LTS. I intend to install a free VPN, and it seems that CyberGhost is one of the free and good VPNs. May you please guide me about the command line in terminal?

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I have been using CyberGhost since May 2021. I am on a 3 year subscription. BEWARE that cyberghost does not work on Ubuntu versions above 20.04. I have written to the technical department and the reply was "Please don't worry since our developers are still improving our application for the Linux Operating system, and a possible app that will be compatible with all versions of Linux, might be released soon. Although, we can't provide an exact time frame when it will be released or implemented" I received this reply a year ago, and again when I enquired recently, and was given exactly the same answer.


I just edited the install.sh and changed one of the version checks to 22.04 and 2.35. It seems to be working fine. You can check your glibc version by typing ldd --version

# check if GLIBC version is compatible
if [ "$ubuntuDistroVersion" == "22.04" ]; then

        if [ "$glibcVersion" == "2.35" ] ; then

use the official installation manual:


  1. go into "My devices" and "Configure New Device"

  2. Select your OS and download the installer

  3. extract the zip file

  4. go into Terminal and cd to the folder that was extracted from the zip

  5. once you are in the directory with the install file do:

    sudo bash install.sh
  6. answer the questions from the istaller until istallation is complete

  7. see the options for starting the vpn with:

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How I make Cyberghostvpn to work in Ubuntu 22.04.

Install Ubuntu 20.04,Install Cyberghostvpn and configure it and then upgrade Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 22.04 from Softwareupdater.

Worked fine with me

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