My software installer does nothing on Ubuntu 20.04 . I download the deb package and click on it, nothing happens. I installed Chrome with the terminal by finding a command line that downloaded and installed the package through the terminal. Now I want MegaSync and can't find a command line. If it allows me to download a package and it's a software installer, is it wrong to assume that it should open the package? MegaSync offers the command line "sudo apt install /path/to/package.deb" but that comes back as invalid. Is this going to be an issue for downloading anything on Ubuntu?

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    Open the software center, search for an application then click "Install" to install it. – vanadium Jun 13 at 11:49
  • The Ubuntu Software Center also does nothing when I click on it and the app I am looking for doesn't exist in GNOME, When I click on Ubuntu Software I get the exact same result as clicking on the package itself. The loading Icon and 15 seconds later nothing. – Deaven Morris Jun 13 at 12:09
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    Hey Deaven Morris! Please paste the output of snap list in your question. You can edit your question by clicking on this link: edit. BTW, I suggest you to go through the tour page. – Random Person Jun 13 at 13:43

Follow these steps to install Mega Desktop App:

  1. Go to https://mega.io/sync. Choose the Linux platform. Choose Ubuntu 20.04 as the Linux version.

  2. Click on Download. A dialogue box might appear in Firefox depending upon the settings. Choose Save File and click OK.

    Screenshot of dialogue box

  3. Open the folder where the file is saved. You can do that by clicking on the folder icon:

    Screenshot of downloads in Firefox

  4. Once you are in the folder, right click and choose Open in Terminal.

    Screenshot of righ-click options in Nautilus

  5. Now the terminal will open. Execute the following command:

    sudo apt install ./megasync-xUbuntu_20.04_amd64.deb

    Note: The file name may vary. Please use the name of the file which you have downloaded.

After following the above steps, the application would have been successfully installed.

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