I have an Acer Extensa 15, I had to change SATA Mode from Raid to AHCI. I was trying to make a dual boot of Linux Mint alongside Windows but the installer is detecting the SSB but can't detect the HDD and it's free space.....What should I do? Can you help please? I am including 2 screenshots from imgur so it is easier for you.



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    we only support official Ubuntu, please use unix.stackexchange.com – Rinzwind Jun 11 at 8:50
  • maybe raid mode was needed to see the hdd... – Irsu85 Jun 11 at 8:51
  • Under the device for bootloader installation, do you only see your sdd? I am asking as the dropdown menu is not visible in the image. – Master_Nachi Jun 11 at 9:04
  • Only Ubuntu and official flavors of Ubuntu (ubuntu.com/download/flavours) are on-topic here, refer to askubuntu.com/help/on-topic where you'll find other SE sites where you question will be welcome if you don't want to use a Mint forum. (One advantage of Ubuntu is it's many support options, you opted for Mint so take advantage of it's support options, or SE Unix & Linux) – guiverc Jun 11 at 9:15
  • When you re-ask in an appropriate site, you should also provide details as to the software stack you're using (ie. with Ubuntu that's release details, and if using a LTS or long-term-support stack, which stack you've chosen to use given Ubuntu offers two stack choices selected by release/ISO used, or LTS ISOs are spun with 4 kernel stacks; the later stacks knowing about newer hardware than earlier ones) – guiverc Jun 11 at 9:51