Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

The CD tray of my Desktop PC opens and closes by itself occasionally. Sometimes it moves back at halfway. How can I fix this problem?

From its movement I believe it is due to some software problem.

It works really well when I insert CD. Can I turn it off without any problem by using any method? Can DISKS app help with this problem?

Since it is not a good solution I don't like to keep a CD inside always.

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sudo apt install setcd
sudo setcd -s /dev/sr0

It should output something like this:

  Auto close tray:     cleared
  Auto open tray:      cleared
  Use O_NONBLOCK flag: set
  Lock tray:           set
  Check CD type:       cleared

If "Auto open tray" says "set" instead, running sudo setcd -o0 /dev/sr0 should fix your problem until the next reboot

For permanent fix, create a service file to run the command at boot time

Create a file in /etc/systemd/system with a descriptive name and a .service suffix. For example, let's call it /etc/systemd/system/dvd-stop-open.service. The contents of the file should be:

Description=Disable DVD auto-open

ExecStart=/usr/bin/setcd -o0 /dev/sr0


Once the service file is created, enable the service:

sudo systemctl enable dvd-stop-open.service

Test by starting the service and verifying that the Active: field in service status says active (exited):

sudo systemctl start dvd-stop-open.service
systemctl status dvd-stop-open.service
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