Can it be true that Ubuntu 21 / Gnome, not only has no minimise window shortcut key, but it isn't even possible to set one? The keyboard shortcuts settings panel has shortcuts for zillions of obscure functions, but nothing for that most fundamental of functions.


I don't have a minimize window in Ubuntu 18 either. Perhaps you mean "Hide window" for which the default mapping is Super-H. However, the button in the toolbar is still called minimize.


Try Super+H (H standing for "hide").

There are lots of keyboard shortcuts to navigate the UI without a pesky mouse or touchpad getting in the way. 👍🏻

  • This doesn't seem to work on my system (20.04 LTS), Super+H just tries to insert a h character. The other combinations, such as Super+arrow left (maximize vertically along the left side of the screen) do work as expected.
    – Marijn
    Jun 7 at 20:45
  • thanks, seems to work for me on Ubuntu 21. Hopefully someone will change the Gnome menu to "Hide" for consistency.... though I don't see why they had to reinvent its name. Jun 9 at 2:45

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