I have a requirement to execute a script every 1st Saturday and 3rd Saturday at 8.30 AM. I am new to using the cron job in Linux. Please let me know if the following will work.

30 8 1-7,14-20 * * [ `date +\%u` = 6 ] && /path/to/myscript

Taking into consideration

  • First Saturday falls between 1 - 7
  • Third Saturday falls between 14 - 20

The cron job should run on every one of those days and immediately exit if it's not Saturday.

Please advise.

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    Your approach is sound I think but perhaps the second range should be 15-21? (If the month starts on Sunday, the first Saturday would be the 7th and the 14th would be the 2nd Saturday). Also = should more correctly be -eq (integer rather than string equality) Jun 3 at 14:32
  • @steeldriver You should post that as answer
    – Dan
    Jun 3 at 15:04
  • I would start the script every saturday and check inside the script and exit if it is not the 1st or 3rd.
    – Rinzwind
    Jun 3 at 15:14

You can probably simplify this down to:

30 8 1-7,14-20 * 6 /bin/bash /path/to/script

As per Crontab.guru, this will run At 08:30 on every day-of-month from 1 through 7 and every day-of-month from 14 through 20 and on Saturday.

  • Thanks. May be a dumb question . What does the /bin/bash do in this job? Jun 3 at 11:45
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    Generally one runs a cron job as root to ensure the task is performed regardless of whether you’re logged in or not. As a result, you need to specify where bash is located in order to run the script. /bin/bash is the full path to the program.
    – matigo
    Jun 3 at 12:09
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    @matigo I think the OP wants logical AND here (only on Saturdays that fall within 1-7,14-20). Your recipe will run on all days of the week between 1-7,14-20 as well as all Saturdays regardless of where they fall in the month, no? Jun 3 at 14:25
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    ... also why /bin/bash? we don't even know that /path/to/myscript is a bash script - it could be zsh or csh or python or ... . In any case, AFAIK both /bin and /usr/bin are in the default cron PATH Jun 3 at 14:28
  • Agree with @steeldriver, this will run every day between 1-7 and 14-20 and all Saturdays. crontab.guru actually confirms this if you click on the "next" link above the input.
    – Dan
    Jun 3 at 14:53

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