I have a dual-screen setup with mu laptop screen as primary and my LCD screen as secondary placed over the laptop screen. On my laptop screen I have a top-panel at the top of the screen and docky at the bottom. When the LCD screen is off/disconnected, there is no problem when maximizing the window on the laptop screen, but when it is on, the top-window border gets hidden behind my top-panel. How can I get it to only maximize to the panel and not below it? it is quite annoying that I cannot get to the min/maximize/close window buttons etc.

  • OK I need this answered too - and moving the panel or deleting it or auto-hiding it is NOT an answer. The top screen in my case is a 40" TV on a wall, and I don't want to have to crane my neck every time I want to adjust the volume. Why is it so hard to make the stupid panel stay behind the windows? – Hank Jan 9 '11 at 2:04

I have exactly the same physical monitor setup and the same annoying problem!

I kind of solved this by dragging the top-panel to the top of the LCD screen.

BUT to be able to move the top-panel up to the top of the LCD screen you first need to untick the "Expand" checkbox in the panels properties (right-click on the panel to get to them).

Then you can grag & drop the panel upto the top of your LCD screen and when its docked there, it won't overlap over your normal apps windows.

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