The title describes my problem. On Ubuntu 11.10 Multi-touch worked fine on my Apple Magic Trackpad. Now i have only "ONE-FINGER-Control". Scrolling is only possible on the right side of the pad with one finger. Three or four fingers are also not working any more (four fingers to to get the Dash or three fingers to move a window). What could I do to get this working again?? (on 12.04)


To get this working I had to install utouch:

apt-get install utouch

For details, read:

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  • THX! It works now for 3 and 4 fingers. The only thing that does not work is two finger scrolling. On the mouse settings I can't set 2 finger scrolling, because my notebooks touchpad does not support 2 finger scrolling. So this option is disabled. Any ideas to get this separately (touchpad for notebook with sidescrolling and apple magic trackpad with 2 finger scrolling) working?? – Marian Lux May 30 '12 at 7:50
  • That ubuntu wiki page does not at this moment exist... – drevicko Jul 10 '12 at 5:02

I was able to enable two-finger scroll by using the xinput command. xinput with no arguments shows all the input devices on the system. The Apple Trackpad was device 9 in my list; I used command xinput list-props 9 to see all the properties for the Apple Trackpad. I then disabled the edge scroll using the Mouse and Touchpad menu in System Settings, then enabled two-finger scrolling (282) using xinput.

xinput set-prop 9 282 1 1

The change is NOT reflected in the System Settings --> Mouse and Touchpad settings, but everything now works.

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