I'm trying to connect to my server with sftp. The server is working just fine. I connected to it from FileZilla. Then I was able to connect to it using Dolphin by just typing in the address: sftp://username:password@domain/. This worked and I was even able to transfer files.

However, I would like to create a directory to save this for future use, so that I don't have to type that in every time. It seems that "Add Network Directory" uses ftp instead of sftp, making it so that I cannot connect to the server. I can find no way to make it use sftp, is there a way to do this?

Every time that I try to connect, it asks for the password, I enter it, and then I get this error:

  Server replied:
  530 Non-anonymous sessions must use encryption.
  Do you want to retry?

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If it's your server and you have SSH access, than maybe setup a SSH connection instead and use fish://username@remotehost as the URI in dolphin.

There is a big difference between SFTP (FTP over SSH) vs FTPS which is FTP over TLS. It gets more complicated because FTPS has an implicit and explicit mode, implicit uses a dedicate port and connects using TLS, while the explicit mode uses the normal ftp port and switches to TLS with startTLS command.

Looking at the source: https://github.com/KDE/dolphin/blob/c836cf010c12858a7f3a4943c06f9de2b9f31a14/doc/index.docbook#L609

The docs imply the dolphin supports SFTP and FISH, both of which use SSH. I can find no mention of FTPS, so perhaps it doesn't support that?

  • I made a typo, I used sftp to connect successfully. But in the Add Network Folder -> FTP there is not option for sftp, so it just kept refusing my connection. I assume there must be a way to use sftp for that. However, I used ssh instead and it worked, so thanks a lot for the help.
    – Lee Morgan
    May 15, 2021 at 9:31

You probably did something wrong. I've successfully created SFTP folder to my server by these steps

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

By the way, you probably shouldn't use fish:// protocol, it is fallback protocol for ssh servers which don't support sftp and it's not fast. Default sshd servers confugured with sftp enabled by default.

  • Yep, the answer above gave me the way to do that. I was using FTP in the first step.
    – Lee Morgan
    May 15, 2021 at 14:50

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