Normal boot works (sort of) while in recovery mode hangs before the login.

Recently I've had a problem with Xfce desktop not loading except through recovery mode, following this:

  1. While in GRUB and on the recovery menu entry press E to edit the menu entry.

  2. Remove the nomodeset parameter from the line starting with linux.

  3. Press Ctrl + X to boot with the modified kernel command line.

It resolves the issue, except unlike before it doesn't fully load the Xfce desktop environment. Do I have other options to get back what worked before?

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from recovery mode of the kernel correctly installed, the one with 'ii' initials for both linux-modules and linux-modules-extra, check dpkg -l | grep linux-modules I've reinstalled the one being actually used. to check which one is it:

uname -r

to reinstall (in my case linux-modules-extra of the used kernel had 'ic' initials):

sudo apt install --reinstall linux-modules-extra-*kernel name*

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