Can I somehow remove the ~4 seconds delay present in calls to optirun? I need my compiler-run iterations to run faster. Does bumblebeed play a role in this?

I'm sitting on Ubuntu 12.04 on an ASUS X53S with NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 630M.


That delay is caused by the time that is necessary for starting the secondary X server. If you do not need to preserve power, I suggest you to change KeepUnusedXServer=false to KeepUnusedXServer=true in /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf. After doing so, restart the BUmblebee daemon with sudo restart bumblebeed. Now, only the initial start takes some time, but further use of the card is instant.

Alternatively you can keep another program using optirun so that the X server is not shutdown after each run of optirun. I use it like:

optirun bash

(in a different shell):

optirun program-that-is-tested

When done, I can close the optirun shell by typing exit.

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