Is there a easy(er) way to configure a Trackpoint on a Lenovo Laptop (I have a E495) than to learn everything about libinput and xinput? (which one to use? xinput complains about Wayland? Do I need to know about the x-server now too?) I just want to change the speed settings of the Trackpad, and it feels like studying for a CS Bachelors Degree? It's just the f'ing mouse! This is way more complicated than to setup TLP for better energy management on my Thinkpad. That took ages too, at least it's a special use case, but something as basic as the pointing device?!

Can anyone point me to a tutorial that isn't more complicated than editing a config file or basic command usage in the terminal? Maybe something that is a little more structured than what I already look at? Step-by-Step Guide? Everything I linked to seems very outdated...

And feel free to tell me that there is a very obvious and easy to find option in the GUI everyone knows about, so I can feel really stupid! ;-p

Any advice is appreciated!

Thx Jan

What I have read:





What is the best way to configure a Thinkpad's TrackPoint?





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Run the settings (Gear icon), and select "Mouse and Touchpad" from the list. Under "Mouse", change the "Mouse Speed" and the trackpoint speed changes too.

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