I would like to remove a small portion (around 10 seconds) of a long video (2 hours). How can I do it using FFMPEG?

ffmpeg -ss 01:30:00 -t 10 -i input.mp4 output.mp4
  • -ss 01:30:00 offset time. In this example it is 1 hour 30 seconds. Could also be declared in seconds, -ss 5400.
  • -t 10 duration.
  • -c copy (optional). If you add this as an output option (between input.mp4 and output.mp4) it will use stream copy mode. Like a copy and paste, so re-encoding is avoided. However, ffmpeg can only cut on key frames, so the offset may not be accurate.

See ffmpeg documentation for more info on -ss and -t.

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