Note: This has been resolved. The source isn't current for my purposes, so I'm dismissing it.

I was looking for a source about the superuser and came across this entry from the community wiki.

The entry has the following disclaimer at the top:

March 14, 2019. PLEASE NOTE: This wiki article is being significantly rewritten as it contains a good deal of old, dated, and possibly questionable material. Using caution and consulting with others on the Ubuntu Forums or Ask Ubuntu is highly recommended!

The source looks like what I was looking for. However, if it's not current, it's of no use to me.

Could anyone tell me whether this entry is current?

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Looks good (from a user standpoint) to me. I'm a long-time sudo user, and nothing seemed bogus.

But, one should treat all information from "the Internet" with a certain degree of suspicion.

  • According to muru and the source he cited, some parts of the entry are outdated, so I'm dismissing it. I appreciate your comment, though. Especially what you said about being skeptical.
    – user1200336
    May 13, 2021 at 22:18

Most of it is OK, there are bits and parts that might be outdated (but not less safe). For example, Ubuntu stopped patching sudo's default of resetting HOME (How does sudo handle $HOME differently since 19.10?), so now:

  • HOME in sudo bash should be /root, and
  • You don't need to use -H anymore (because it's redundant).

Otherwise, very little has changed in sudo for good advice on it to change that often.

  • That means that the source as a whole is no longer current, so I'll dismiss it. Thank you for your elaborate response in any case!
    – user1200336
    May 13, 2021 at 22:02

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