I need to build a Fortran program that uses (among others) the library netcdf, which I downloaded using apt-get (my computer is on Ubuntu 20.04). Installing the library worked, the share object files for the library are there, but upon running the makefile of the program I need to install, it doesn't work because it doesn't find the include files for this library. I am not familiar with Fortran, is it a common thing to need the include file in this case? As far as I know (or rather experienced), linking such libraries doesn't require include files in C++. I assume if I needed them normally, I should have had got them when installing the library.
Thank you for your help!


You have to install necessary NetCDF development package for fortran by

sudo apt-add-repository universe
sudo apt-get install libnetcdff-dev

and then retry building your application.

  • The general rule of thumb to get the development header files is to append -dev to the name of the library package. – Alex Hajnal May 7 at 16:34

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