I installed Ubuntu on my laptop. However, video are not playing in smooth but videos in youtue and other website play without any problem. Can anyone give an advice?

And also I tried the sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extrasit didn't work on by the way my linux version is Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

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    You haven't provided any clues as to which video software you're talking about.. is it mpv, vlc or another choice? have you tried other players? Also specifics of your video hardware may also be useful (sudo lshw -C video maybe) but there are many reasons for issues, and knowing what software you are asking about is a starting point at least. – guiverc May 6 at 1:54
  • Yeah I only tried mpv and vlc could you please recommend a player – Dtheekshana May 6 at 2:00
  • I don't know what you've tried... the two I mentioned I personally prefer to totem, but this is not a forum (ubuntuforums.org is that), this is a Q&A site where you provide your question, by comment we ask you to complete any unspecified or vague details & then people can write answers. opinion is not on-topic here (that belongs on forums). – guiverc May 6 at 2:04

I finally found a way to fix this problem first you install h.264 decorder for your system to do this use sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-libav after that you have to install totem player for your ubuntu sudo apt-get install totem you can run this for to this problem

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