I wanted to import my entire wallpapers folder in the background options under settings. I forgot there were a lot of files in there, over 3000+. When I imported it, the app crashed and I am now unable to access settings. Now, every time I try to open settings there is a dialogue box that says that Settings is not responding, and I have to either wait or force quit.

Is there a way to rollback what I did?

  • First try to log out then in to see if the issue persists. – vanadium May 4 at 18:16
  • Try to reinstall settings using the following commands:- sudo apt-get remove unity-control-center ---then--- sudo apt-get install unity-control-center. If the problem persists, use purge instead of remove. Note- It will reset all desktop configurations. – Master_Nachi May 4 at 18:27
  • @vanadium Tried restarting the computer, issue persists. – MW2612 May 4 at 18:32
  • @Master_Nachi Is there anything else that will be reset? – MW2612 May 4 at 18:32
  • your wifi, bluetooth, network settings etc. but you can change it again after reinstalling. – Master_Nachi May 4 at 18:42

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