Does anyone have a fix for this problem?

  1. Try to print a pdf (multiple printers tried from two different computers - Xerox, Brother & HP, multiple documents)

  2. Parts of printed page are blank

I have also tried printing them directly from Firefox, as well as from Document Viewer, but it doesn't make any difference.

Same document prints fine when printing from Windows or a MAC to the same printers.

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    What happens if you open the problematic PDF and print it to "Save to PDF" and thus create a copy of the original. Does the new PDF show the full page? If so, can you use this new document for printing?
    – user68186
    May 4 at 15:20
  • The first answer (changing paper size) didn't work, but the second one (re-print to pdf first) DID work. Thank you! Does anyone know why? How I can solve this without using this workaround?
    – Les
    May 4 at 15:51
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    I will convert my comment to an answer so that you can accept it. As for why it happens, my guess is Windows and Mac (or their corresponding Adobe Reader app) is more forgiving than Ubuntu's Evince (Document Viewer).
    – user68186
    May 4 at 15:56
  • Thanks. You are right - the issue is with Evince. I just installed Okular, and it works fine.
    – Les
    May 4 at 16:08
  • Please file a bug report for Evince. See how do I file a bug report? for details and provide them with a sample PDF so that they can reproduce the problem.
    – user68186
    May 4 at 16:15

My guess is these files are somehow defective and the Adobe Reader in Windows and Mac is more forgiving than the Ubuntu Document Viewer. A workaround is to create a new PDF file that does not inherit this problem.

A Workaround

  1. Open the document that does not print properly in the default Document Viewer also known as Evince.
  2. Click the Printer icon in the hamburger menu, and select Print to File

enter image description here

  1. Make sure the format is set to PDF ("Second" above) and give it a file name you want ("Third" above).
  2. Click the green Print button on the top right to create a copy of the PDF file.
  3. Open the newly created copy of the PDF and print it as you normally would.

Hope this helps

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