I want to make a usb stick bootable with multiple iso files. How can I do it via Gnome disk utility? How can I config the usb for showing grub2 before starting any of ISOs?

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Make a Full Bootable USB Stick with Gnome-Disk Utility

To create a bootable Live Linux USB using Gnome-Disks:

  • Open Disks.

  • Plug in Target drive.

  • Select Target drive in left hand column.

  • Select the three lines or dots on the upper right of the window.

  • Click Restore Disk Image.

  • Select the Linux ISO as Image to Restore.

  • Follow the instructions.

If your intentions are to make a Full Install bootable USB:

Both methods should start with a grub menu when booting in UEFI mode. or with BIOS or UEFI in 20.10 and later.


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