I'm trying to install Ubuntu 20.04 on an hp notebook and I'm now experiencing hp BIOS hell way beyond my level. Any help will be appreciated:

  • My box: HP Pavilion x360 Convertible, Model: 14-cd0009la
  • Physical Drives: 1TB HDD, 13GB SSD
  • BIOS version: Insyde F.013
  • There was some Windows version running on the notebook when I got it. It doesn't boot anymore.

I ran the Ubuntu installer and it stopped saying RST needed to be configured. I went into the BIOS and switched the SATA HDD to AHCI mode. I also disabled RAID for the SSD. I ran the installer again and it stopped as before. I then ran gparted from the live session and wiped clean all partitions on the HDD. The installer still encounters the RST issue and fails. Someone suggested I upgrade BIOS, and I gave that a try. I downloaded an .exe file from hp but I don't know what to do with it.

I'm very lost right now!


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