Ubuntu 21.04, my computer also get message: "Press Ctrl-C to cancel all filesystems checks", and does not go on...

Any final solution?

Temporary solution is:

If your computer also get message: "Press Ctrl-C to cancel all filesystems checks", and does not go on...

then press Ctrl+Alt+Del; and when message appear again, press quickly Ctrl+C, and after login, go to "Terminal":

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

replace "quiet splash" with "fsck.mode=skip quiet splash"

if using nano only: Ctrl+X / key Y / Enter

sudo update-grub

Reboot computer.

After future new Ubuntu updates, try removing it again, to see if problem was solved.

  • Correct: You must hit CTRL+C immediately when the check starts if you want to cancel it. Keep in mind that we get a LOT of questions that turn out to be a corrupt or mis-made installer -- the Ubuntu developers added that check in response to feedback from support volunteers. We generally want everybody to run the check at least once when they create a new install media. That's why it's opt-out instead of opt-in.
    – user535733
    Apr 26, 2021 at 23:00

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It was errors in EFI (FAT-12/16/32) without repair...


backup /etc/fstab e /etc/mtab

using Disks go to "Edit Partition" change EFI to W95 FAT32 (LBA), mount and copy folder EFI to safe place

using Disks format EFI with FAT, copy folder EFI back to EFI partition

change FAT back to EFI (Edit Partition)

do not forget to also restore UUID of EFI partition

in terminal:

mkdosfs -i 12345678 /dev/sda?

change 12345678 with original UUID in /etc/fstab or copy the number from Disks...

restore /etc/fstab e /etc/mtab

remove fsck.mode=skip from /etc/default/grub

sudo update-grub


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