How do I verify that a pc/laptop has a legitimate and not tampered uefi and/or bios? Let's say I was doing somethings which potentially could be dangerous. I have inserted some unknown hard drives or flash drives and booted from them. I could run certain untrusted programs under windows or linux providing administrator or root access. I could have received a hardware from untrusted seller/source.

What steps do I need to do to check that my bios and/or uefi is not tampered before installing Ubuntu?

Is enabled Secure boot guarantees that I can trust this PC/laptop?

  • If UEFI and preinstalled Windows then 99% of the cases will have Secure Boot enabled by default. – ChanganAuto Apr 23 at 20:59
  • @ChanganAuto, is enabled Secure boot guarantees that it is safe? – user1325696 Apr 23 at 21:34
  • Nothing is 100% guaranteed, except death. But it's a pretty good assurance. If Secure Boot serves any useful purpose it's exactly that one. If in doubt you can update or reflash it. – ChanganAuto Apr 23 at 21:37
  • @ChanganAuto that's the reason I ask. I would like to find if I need to look into option to reflash motherboard or not. – user1325696 Apr 24 at 2:32

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