I am trying to install Ubuntu 20.10 on my raspberry Pi 4 8Gb RAM using a 16 Gb SD card. I have followed this tutorial exactly. I have tried to install it using wlan0 or eth0 by modifying the network-config file as:

    dhcp4: true
    optional: true
    dhcp4: true
    optional: true
      "My network":
    password: "My password"

but I am always getting stucked at the cloud-init point. I am getting exactly this: enter image description here

It hangs on until I press enter. Then I get to the login prompt but I can't log in as I type "ubuntu" for both login and password, it returns: "incorrect password". I have seen answers saying to try to ssh into the pi, but I don't get it as my Pi doesn't even have an fixed IP address. So my question is: how should I get over it ? I am completely blocked at that point.

I have also tried other versions as I would initially prefer ubuntu 18.04, but I wasn't able to find any desktop version, and the server version I found doesn't boot properly. My raspberry simply considers there is no SD card

Any help or hint would be much appreciated. Thank you very much


So after L O N G hours of trying to understand what was going on, I finally got it working. The error was in the network-config file. I had a symbol which was not marked as a comment and hence the cloud-init was not starting correctly because the network-config file had threw an error. However this is NOT mentionned in any status ! There is only a warning. So be extremely carefull at how your network-config file is written. If there is an error there, the cloud-init doesn't boot correctly, and for some reason, both ubuntu login and password are not accepted.


If the cloud functionality is not required, the cloud-init process can be deactivated!

To do this, the following file must be created:

sudo touch /etc/cloud/cloud-init.disabled
sudo reboot

Result in /etc/cloud/:

-rw-r - r-- 1 root root 0 May 19 11:09 pm cloud-init.disabled

If you delete the empty file, cloud-init is started during the boot process again. I hope this helps.

Greetings TopGoal

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