JPEG XL (.jxl) is the next-generation, general-purpose image compression codec by the JPEG committee (more info you can find on jpegxl.info). Which apps/programs can open and convert it?

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    The JPEG XL file format has not much to do with Ubuntu but JPEG XL pictures will land on systems with Ubuntu and it is handy to know which tool on Ubuntu can be used to open/convert/edit it without having to try all image viewers and tools.
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    Apr 17 '21 at 19:30

So far following apps support JPEG XL:


Browsers with activation:

  • Firefox (see Tutorial), Chrome, Edge, Opera



  • ExifTool – Official JPEG XL support added in version 12.25.
  • GIMP – The libjxl repository includes a plugin for 2.10. There is another plugin in development for 2.99.
  • ImageMagick – toolkit for raster graphics processing

Here is a full list of all softwares and services that support JPEG XL, as of November 2021. This list (and the linked tutorials) are authored by me, as part of a project to create an ecosystem platform around the format:


  1. Chrome (behind a flag, tutorial)
  2. Firefox (behind a flag in the Nightly version, tutorial)
  3. Edge (behind a flag, tutorial)
  4. Opera (behind a flag, tutorial)


  1. Only Cloudinary, on request

Toolkits, Libraries:

  1. ExifTool (metadata)
  2. Exiv2 (metadata)
  3. KDE Frameworks
  4. Library for PHP (decoding)


  1. libvips (library)
  2. jpegxl.io (support library & online conversion, client-side)
  3. Squoosh (online conversion, client-side)
  4. ImageMagick (toolset)
  5. FileStar (conversion software)


  1. Geeqie (*)
  2. GwenView (*)
  3. gThumb (*)
  4. ImageGlass (*)
  5. IrfanView
  6. nomacs (*)
  7. PhotoQt (*)
  8. PhotoStack
  9. PicView
  10. XnView

** Should work with Ubuntu, either natively or with a third-party installer.

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