When using Adobe Reader on a Windows desktop, one can open a PDF and use the fill & sign option. This option does not seem to appear on the Ubuntu version of Adobe Reader. How does one fill and sign PDF documents on a Ubuntu?

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    To be clear it is not the Ubuntu version it is the version that Adobe chooses to make for Ubuntu. So I would be asking them. – David Apr 11 at 14:17
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    You have to install a later version (2015) usingplayonlinux and Wine. Please see this link >>> playonlinux.com/en/app-2653-Adobe_Acrobat_Reader_DC.html and come back here if you have any problems. – Raffles Apr 11 at 16:12

How does one fill and sign PDF documents on a Ubuntu?

Not with Adobe unless you get them to add support for it.


  • Install and open Xournal (sudo apt install xournal)
  • Choosee "Annotate PDF" from the File menu and select the PDF to sign.
  • Click the "Image" button in the toolbar
  • Click on document
  • Select an image of your signature
  • Unfortunately and inexplicably this didn't work for me, after selecting the image nothing happened. I wasn't even able to add a simple text for what matters with this tool. – ecoologic May 1 at 6:01

I managed to achieve using pre-installed LibreOffice Draw.

Open the file using LibreOffice Draw

  1. Right click on the file
  2. Click: "Open with other application"
  3. Type: draw and select "LibreOffice Draw"

Insert the picture of your signature

  1. From the top menu of Draw, click Insert
  2. Click image...
  3. Select an image of your signature
  4. Resize and drag where you need it

Export to PDF

This can be done either from the red PDF icon on the right side of the printer icon in the top left corner, or from:

File, Export As..., Export Directly as PDF

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