I have downloaded and installed the Signal for Desktop app via the Ubuntu Software Center. The current version running on my laptop is v1.40.1. (Update: The new version v5.0.0 also does not work.)

When someone tries to call me via Signal, my phone is ringing and my laptop notifies me as well with a ringing sound that someone is trying to call me. I can then decide whether I want to accept the call on my phone or laptop. If I accept it on my phone, everything just works fine. But if I try to accept it on my laptop, I can still hear the ringing sound and the desktop app on my laptop has crashed. The same is true if I try to call someone from my laptop.

A friend of mine does not have any problems with the Signal desktop app because he uses a MacBook. So, on Apple devices, everything seems to work just fine but this is not the case for desktop computers running Linux, I suppose.

Is there a bug in Signal’s desktop app for Linux or might some faulty Ubuntu preferences cause the crash? Does anyone know more about this issue?

Maybe I can provide a debug log and crash report if someone here can tell me what to look out for in such a case.

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Maybe you can try downloading Signal's Desktop app from here!

It is the official website of Signal.

  • Installing it this way did not work and reinstalling the v5.0.0 version also did not help.
    – Nemgathos
    Apr 18, 2021 at 11:26
  • 1
    Ooh in that case you may file an issue in GitHub's Signal-Desktop repository here.
    – Bean
    Apr 20, 2021 at 6:32
  • Ok, maybe I’ll post it there then. Thank you anyway.
    – Nemgathos
    Apr 22, 2021 at 17:27

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