so i have this jbod drive, with two different partition

partition A is for windows while B i would like to have ubuntu 12.04 in it

however at the end of ubuntu installation, there is an error stating grub failed to install and a fatal error.

i was given option as to where to install the grub, and i tried them all and all giving me the same fatal error

here is one example of options given


to my knowledge grub is supposed to be installed in /dev/sda but in jbod configuration, both sda and sdb isnt available

please help me and thank you

  • I have the same exact issue. Did you find a fix for this? I have the same exact options for the grub install that you do. Thanks, Andy – user69727 Jun 10 '12 at 14:48

This is an old thread but i noticed something interesting when playing around with my Ubuntu Server install.

If you run from a normal 12.04 live cd and run Gparted (sudo gparted from the terminal) you may see the same... With larger arrays and UEFI you need a GPT as everyone has figured out by now. But here is the gotcha... (at least for me)

Once you declare the table (Device > Create Partition Table... Click on Advanced and select "gpt"), try creating a partition. Odds are if you are having trouble it will not be /dev/sdaX. It will be dev/mapper/yaddayaddayadda or something similar. Try typing that in for your grub installation.

mine was /dev/mapper/isw_deccijgjej_Raid1p1

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