i wanted drag/drop option so I installed gnome desktop icon ng extension. But after that i got all my icons duplicated, only one is selectable. I switch the old desktop extension, but it doesn't work. I reboot also...

Any ideas?

  • Done, sorry, first time on this forum :-) – SHURA Apr 7 at 20:27

Duplicate desktop icons are because you have both the standard system desktop-icons extension and the DING extension installed at the same time. You need to uninstall this...

sudo apt purge gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons

With X11, you may have to restart gnome-shell with ALT+F2 (or ALT+FN+F2), then "r", then ENTER. Or reboot (or logout/login) if you're running Wayland.

  • It should be sufficient to just simply disable (turn off) the redundant plugin on the GUI of either Gnome Tweaks or the dedicated app Extensions, shouldn't it? – Levente Apr 5 at 19:14
  • @Levente No, you can't disable the standard system extension at extensions.gnome.org/local. I can't say about Tweaks or Extensions. – heynnema Apr 5 at 19:15
  • Then this account on a personal experience may be useful: askubuntu.com/a/1328230/1157519 – Levente Apr 5 at 19:45
  • @Levente Not quite the same problem. If you go to extensions.gnome.org/local you'll find that you can disable/enable desktop-icons and it won't make any difference, it still works. I believe that this is because it's one of the three standard system gnome-shell extensions, and you won't have enough privs to touch it. – heynnema Apr 5 at 19:59
  • Are you making this assumption and mounting this argument without actually trying it out either Extensions either Tweaks on your system? (And to offer my findings: yes you can switch it off with Extensions. Disabling in Tweaks indeed does not take effect.) – Levente Apr 5 at 20:03

right click somewhere on the the desktop, select Settings and adjust the screen settings from there:

enter image description here


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