I have recently installed Lubuntu and have everything working as I want, except for the backlight icon in the taskbar I have at the top of my screen. I can't work out where it is being sourced from.

I have looked through the folders mentioned here, and any searches for backlight (or lite) don't turn up anything that looks like the icon I have.

The icons for wifi/battery/etc are coming from the WhiteSur-dark theme, from the symbolic folder. There is no backlight icon in there (i created one but that doesn't seem to work) so I presumed it was pulling it from the default theme (which is breezy), but the breezy icon folder contains no backlight icon at all either.

See a screenshot of the relevant area below.

enter image description here

Does anyone know where that backlight icon (the one next to the power button) is coming from? Or how I need to name the backlight file in the WhiteSur-dark theme folder so that it is recognised?

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    You haven't provided any release details, but have you looked in usr/share/lxqt/lxqt-panel/ (esp. the setting in backlight.desktop file, or icon= line) – guiverc Apr 4 at 13:30
  • @guiverc I am using 20.10. Thank you, the backlight.desktop uses the icon I am looking for so I am getting closer! The icon=brightnesssettings. But I still can't find the icon itself. I've looked in pixelmaps and the theme folders – Modal Nest Apr 4 at 13:51
  • I haven't confirmed this, but a find -name brightnesssettings* (within /usr/share/) finds files of matching names in ./icons/Papirus/, a dpkg -S of one of those files shows papirus-icon-theme package as source... and packages.ubuntu.com/groovy/lubuntu-desktop shows that as installed by Lubuntu... I've not written this up as an answer (nor provided all output) as I didn't confirm anything.. (sorry for delay) – guiverc Apr 24 at 7:53

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