After upgrade to 20.04 and resetting the panel settings I can no longer see the keyboard layout indicator on the panel. Not sure about exact steps to reproduce it. I suppose, you can remove the "Indicator Applet Complete" and re-add it to the panel. The layout switching works fine.

Adding screenshot for reference:

enter image description here


First, press ALT and then right click on the panel. This will show a drop down menu. enter image description here

Click on Add to Panel...

Then, select want you want and then click Add.

enter image description here

That's it. (Note: This is done on UBUNTU 18.04 and not on UBUNTU MATE 20.04).

  • Indicator Applet Complete is already added and it does not include keyboard layout indicator (i.e it did include it before the upgrade) – Stanley Mitchell Apr 4 at 9:19

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