When i copy a file on ubuntu Samba file server, i can't open it from any client (windows) The file displays as a folder which is inaccessible.

Newly created files or folders do not cause problems.

There seems to be a bug report on it from 1 year ago... but the link to the solution is not valid anymore.

I have seen many similar questions, but have not yet found an answer.

server min protocol = SMB2
# this hides the files in windows

# server min protocol = SMB2
# this displays the files as inaccessable in windows

Edit: samba version: 4.11.6 Ubuntu version: 20.04.2 LTS


When you post a question about Samba please tell people either which version of samba you are using or which version of Ubuntu you are using.

This workaround is about Ubuntu 19.04 onward:

Edit /etc/samba/smb.conf and right under the workgroup = WORKGROUP line add this one:

store dos attributes = No

Then restart smbd: sudo service smbd restart

This won't fix the files that are already there but all new files should save correctly.

  • Thank you! Working perfect now. – fredo Apr 3 at 13:10

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