I recently bought a new computer, and had to install and reinstall Ubuntu once now because I'm lacking in technical knowledge sometimes, hence this post... After my last install, I found out, in no time at all with google and/or duckduckgo, how to, using the keyboard shortcuts app Ubuntu provides, kill the X Server session with ctrl+alt+bkspce .... Now I can't find the that information I got so quickly before to save my life (algorthihms musta changed), and I'm getting frustrated looking, only outdated info here so I figured it'd be worth an ask... thanks, and sorry if I missed another post or something...

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It is still possible, but should be configured manually.

To enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace open terminal and type:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

hit Enter 5 times, then select <Yes> in the relevant window:

enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace

and reboot.


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