I created a document in LaTeX (without specifying any fonts), and now I'm trying to re-create it in LibreOffice Writer, but it looks very different due to the fonts used.

What fonts can I choose in LibreOffice that will let me match the look of LaTeX documents? I read that the default font in TeX was created by Donald Knuth and is called "Computer Modern", but it seems to be missing from the menu in LibreOffice Writer.

  • Side question, possibly dumb: Why doesn't LibreOffice use LaTeX fonts by default? It seems like everyone considers them more "professional".
    – MWB
    Mar 25, 2021 at 6:33
  • Good question, whose answer I would also like to know. I guess LibreOffice is following other programs like Microsoft Office? I agree that if both followed LaTeX, maybe the world would be a better place. :-)
    – Ray
    Mar 25, 2021 at 6:40

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Use the Latin Modern Roman and Latin Modern Math (for mathematical expressions) fonts, which are freely available in many websites, e.g. https://www.1001fonts.com/latin-modern-roman-font.html

Download the ttf/otf files, and place them in the hidden folder .local/share/fonts (create it if it does not exist), and then you can choose those fonts in Libreoffice (you may have to restart your computer).

As found by OP, "Tex Gyre Deja" (installed along with LaTeX) works too.

  • Thanks, but isn't LaTeX using fonts that are already installed? (I'm seeing "Latin Modern Math" in the drop-down menu, but not the other one)
    – MWB
    Mar 25, 2021 at 6:29
  • @bobcat Then you can directly use those. You may additionally need Latin Modern Roman, if Latin Modern Math does not work for non-math texts in Libreoffice (feel free to edit my answer). Mar 25, 2021 at 6:30
  • 1
    You're right, and LM Roman does look pretty good! Although I wonder why LM Roman needed to be installed, if I already had LaTeX.
    – MWB
    Mar 25, 2021 at 8:49
  • 1
    It's not that it doesn't work. There was simply no "Computer Modern". I just tried "Tex Gyre Deja" and it's pretty good too.
    – MWB
    Mar 25, 2021 at 9:49
  • 1
    @ChristianidisVasileios Sorry, I have no idea how to do it in WIndows. This site is about Ubuntu. You can ask a question at superuser.com about how to add custom fonts in Windows. Mar 18 at 13:13

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