I have an HP Officejet Pro 8620 and when printing from Ubuntu it has recently started to put out a blank page before each print job and it will no longer print duplex (both sides of the page). When printing the second page it is also upside-down from the first. The settings for duplex are set properly in the Ubuntu print settings when printing. Not seeing any errors in the OS and everything works normally from a Windows 10 PC. So far my research and troubleshooting has turned up nothing, not sure where to go from here on finding the issue.

  • "The settings for duplex are set properly in the Ubuntu print settings when printing." please edit your question to indicate what settings you have set. – 24601 Mar 24 at 18:01
  • System settings -> printer -> printer options -> page setup: Pages per side: 1 Two Sided: Long Edge (Standard) Settings are also set properly in the individual jobs sent from any application. – trickbot Mar 24 at 18:11
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    Does this answer your question? How to install HPLIP on my Ubuntu to support my HP printer and/or scanner?, so sudo apt-get install hplip-gui would be ok. – N0rbert Mar 24 at 20:09
  • Not knowing the type of connection you have and the Ubuntu version you are using is a drawback. Read and absorb the advice here. – brian_p Mar 24 at 20:09
  • Installing the hplip-gui, installing the printer through that, then enabling the duplex feature (option that did not appear before) did the trick. For reference this is Ubuntu 20.10 printing over network. – trickbot Mar 31 at 22:48

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