I'm on ubuntu 20.10, and I keep getting this error code whenever I try to play a bluray movie in VLC media player

Missing AACS configuration file

I don't know what to do, and I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem and how to fix it, thanks


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The AACs file is a list of Disk Identifiers and Decryption Keys needed to play Blurays. Normally you buy a piece of software that will have its own list, but because these are all proprietary you can use community constructed AACs lists instead. The Arch Linux wiki has an extensive page covering different decryption methods.

You can play Blurays in VLC through the following steps

  1. Install the required libraries sudo apt install libaacs-dev libbluray2

  2. Download the KEYDB.cfg file. More info on this site.

  3. Extract the .ZIP file

  4. Inside the keydb_eng folder is keydb.cfg rename this to KEYDB.cfg (It's case sensitive.) and move it into ~/.config/aacs (You might need to create this folder manually if it doesn't exist.)

  5. Open VLC and try to open the disk. If the decryption key is known and present in the database then it should work fine, otherwise if it's a very recent Bluray you can download a new copy of the database at a later date and hope someone has added the decryption key for your disk.

  • worth noting the KEYDB.cfg site is throwing a 404, assuming they got taken down perhaps?
    – Eman
    Jul 2 at 17:23
  • @Eman I guess their website went down, as some point a new link will probably be provided here
    – Baa
    Jul 2 at 19:55

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