I accidentally deleted the Downloads bookmark, and I wanted to recreate it with the same icon, but I can't find it.

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Icons are located in /usr/share/icons


More specifically, the default icons that the file browser is using (currently up to version 15.04) are placed in folder:


The icon for the download folder is folder-download.svg.


"Icons are located in /usr/share/icons"

This answer is only partially correct. If one does a locate *.png on the command line, many locations for icons will be found. For example, /usr/share/unity/icons,


So a more generalized answer would be... in various directories under /usr/share

I don't know what a "downloads bookmark" is, so I can't address your specific issue any further.


The default icons are placed in


256x256 icons for example


Anyway you can also replace this icons by pasting the wanted icon at the current theme folder

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