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"just use Windows" is not the answer I am looking for, as I just decided to leave Windows for good and finally use Linux again. I use Ubuntu Studio, currently Groovy Guerrilla, and the windows manager is xfce. slightly geeky, but fast and clean, and I want to user the standard

My question is rather simple, yet I thought I would ask in openly, as the result might just be very useful for many.

Microsoft Windows has hung plenty of useful features on the Windows Key, a modifier key. My question thus relates what I now call the "start" modifier or start button.

I have manage to simulate some of the useful feature I use every day at work, but can for the life of me not figure out how to the windows(application) management the same way.

How do I jump application windows from one screen to another using only the keyboard start and arrow buttons?

For the hardcore Ubuntu users:

Windows allow you to move, snap and hide any application using this feature. The logic is if a window is tiled, the left/right arrow will snap it to half the current screen, the next arrow in the same direction, jumps to the next screen, if any. The up arrow maximize the app window, and down tiles it again, another down minimizes it to the task-bar.

What I have managed to do so far is to use xfce4-keyboard-settings and xfwm4-settings to setup some of the start+ (1,2,3...,E,D,P,S,L,left,right) functions, the jump feature however, is a conditional function binding, making it impossible to configure in these tools, or am I missing something.

  • Try other desktop environments. KDE has many of these behaviors by default. – Nmath Mar 15 at 21:48
  • Yes, the Gnome desktop (with Mutter window manager) also has comparable features. – Levente Mar 15 at 23:19

This is currently a pending Xfce feature that hasn't been implemented yet, but these tools below provide a workaround for the time being.


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