I am using i3 window manager on ubuntu. My laptop has an AMD CPU and integrated GPU and class is amdgpu_bl0. please help me with the command to change the brightness so that I can bind that in config. xbacklight -inc 20% does not work I am getting the error "No outputs have backlight property"

  • Try ybacklight: askubuntu.com/questions/1034305/… That fixed a similar problem for me. xbacklight has stopped working for me at some point, if I recall correctly because of some changes in the dev file system or the drivers that populate it, under Ubuntu. – Mario Mar 16 at 21:20

You may have better luck with the tool light. It works also where xbacklight doesn't. It is available in the standard ubuntu software repositories of at least version 20.10, so you can install it with

sudo apt install light

If that does not work on your Ubuntu version, you can install it according to the instructions of the application's Github page.

It is a great tool. You can set a minimum brightness so that you will never fully darken the screen. I use it with much satisfaction on the default Ubuntu desktop to increase/decrease the brightness in smaller steps, with the commands

light -U 1
light -A 1

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