I am currently having issues with a dual booting system. I had the system running some time ago, but after a Window 8.1 update the dual boot stop working. I have finally got around the trying to fix the issue.

After reading Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8.1 dual boot, boot menu not appearing after windows “refresh”. Looking for help in getting dual boot capability back I ran the following command.

sudo efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sda -p 2 -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\shimx64.efi -L ubuntu

The response was as follows.

enter image description here

Can someone explain what BootOrder and its relationship the boot manager?

Note: Currently the system on bootup goes directly to Windows 8.1. I have been able to access the ubuntu portion, via boot-repair disk.


  • See also: man efibootmgr askubuntu.com/questions/485261/… UEFI will try to boot first in order, then next one, etc. Is your Linux entry 0005, then not valid. Some like HP, do not recognized changes with efibootmgr. You have to change boot order in UEFI settings. – oldfred Mar 14 at 3:35

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