I'm usint Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS with Gnome 3.36.8, and installed Flameshot from Ubuntu Software. Installation goes fine, no error received, but when I click on the icon, or call flameshot from terminal nothing happens.

Does anyone had this same issue and found a fix?


Leonardo, try

flameshot gui

And also from docs, if want to define shortcut:

Open Settings → Devices → Keyboard → Shortcuts.

Search for 'print', and unbind the screen capture function by selecting it, and clicking backspace.

Scroll down and click on the '+'.

On 'Name', name it 'Flameshot' or 'PrintScreen'.

Define the command as 'flameshot gui'.

Select 'Define shortcut...'and click your keyboard Prt Sc key.


Had the same issue on Ubuntu 21.04. I've installed snapcraft.io version from Software Center. The only solution I've found for now - install ubuntu-hirsute-universe version from Software Center or via terminal. It works good.

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