I want to automate speedtest.net and test my network connection to specific server ID 36250 every 5 minutes.

Ive installed official speedtestCLI and wrote a script called run_speedtest.sh


date_now=`date "+%H:%M:%S       %d/%m/%y"`
speedtest -s 36250 >> result
echo "$date_now" >> result

Now to automate things Ive edited my crontab file by using command: sudo crontab -e and it looks like this:

*/5 * * * * /bin/bash /home/zaz/speedtesty/run_speedtest.sh

results file is created, however only output in my results file are rows with current date. If I run script by typing bash run_speedtest.sh I get output in results that I want (speedtest measure + date)

Im a Ubuntu newbie, can someone help me out?

  • How did you install the speedtest CLI? – muru Mar 11 at 10:42

If run via cron, the script runs with different permissions (with a different user account) than when you run it from the shell. So it might or might not find your speedtest command; specify the full path for it.

Also, since you create a variable result in the script, you probably want to use the variable, not a plain file result in the current directory (which is probably the root directory when run via cron, and writing there may fail because of permissions). Use >>$result, not >> result.

And finally, I'd simply use a loop and sleep 600 (sleep for 600 seconds) instead of going through the hassle with a crontab which you might forget sooner or later, and then you keep speed-testing forever. ;-)

  • "the script runs with different permissions (with a different user account)" Depends on which crontab you added it to. OP could have added it to their crontab, in which case it would have run as their user.. – muru Mar 11 at 10:41

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