I'm new to Ubuntu, so can any of you give me a guide of how I can access my windows 7 files from my Ubuntu 12. I installed it using Wubi. Looked around everywhere but failed.


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In my case i just go to the Home Folder-->> File System-->> host-->> Users

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Just open up terminal and write sudo fdisk -l. then try figuring out which partition is your c drive. and then just mount the partition as:

sudo mkdir /storage
sudo mount /dev/sda3 /storage //in case dev3 is your c drive.

Why not enable mount of the windows partition on boot time? There is a utility called ntfs-config which mounts your windows partition on boot time. install it as sudo apt-get install ntfs-config and enable mount at boot as

enter image description here


Well, if you installed Wubi on the partition where are the files you want to access, in should be mounted under /host directory. If not, just launch the Disk Utility, find the wanted partition, and click the mount button. Partition should show up in Nautilus right now.

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