Ok, I have 4 computers all running Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome Shell. on all computers when ever I play games in wine I set wine to run in a virtual desktop. On the first 3 computers I can use things like "Alt-Tab" and I can use the "Super/Windows" key to get into overview mode while playing games and it functions absolutely flawless, I can even move the game to another deaktop and continue playing. However on the 4th Computer neither "Alt-Tab" or "Super" Do anything, as a matter of fact if I hit them more than once the window will loose focus and I have to shutdown to get out of the game. I also noticed on the 4th computer that the Volume popup for Gnome Shell doesnt diplay either, but it does on the other 3.

All 4 Computers are running Ubuntu 12.04 (fully up-to-date), and they are all running Gnome Shell (Fully up-to-date from the offical Gnome 3 PPA). All Computers have thier respective proriatary graphics drivers installed.

1st: Works Fine AMD CPU and AMD Radeon HD6850 Graphics

2nd: Works Fine AMD CPU (mobile) and AMD Radeon HD 6520G graphics

3rd: Works Fine (Only PC running 32bit Ubuntu) AMD CPU and Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 graphics

4th: Doesnt Work AMD CPU and ATI Radeon HD4850 graphics

EDIT: A friend of mine is also running 12.04 64bit with Gnome shell and a Radeon HD 4850, he is also not able to do this either. Could it be something specific to the HD4850? I can do it just fine on my HD 6850.


For most games running on wine, alt tab start working only when you set (in 'winecfg') compatibilty to windows 7.

  • Thanks for the tip, I switched it over to Windows 7 and it still does not work. However it did help with it loosing focus. I'm updating my original post with some new info I found. – Relik May 7 '12 at 21:17

From my experience, switching out of fullscreen 3D applications (games) works flawless with the open source radeon drivers but does not work at all with the proprietary ATI/AMD fglrx drivers.


For me the solution was enable virtual desktop in wine config using the resolution of my pc, for example in my notebook I set the resolution to 1366x768 and used Alt+Tab to go back to game. I must press Alt, if I don't the letters won't work correctly.

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