I am using ubuntu 18.04.5. When I shut down my laptop it takes too much time in my sense. So I tried this method to quick shutdown, it worked fine and my laptop shut down almost immediately. Now my question is, Is there any bad impact of this method on my PC's hardware resource?

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    You can diagnose the shutdown problem. First, get a clean "too much time" shutdown. Issue your shutdown, then wait (up to 45 minutes, probably 30 minutes) for your laptop to shutdown. Reboot, then, in a terminal window sudo journalctl -b -1 -e to see the previous boot's log's last page. Look for."timeout" messages, or timestamps with large intervals between them.
    – waltinator
    Mar 4 at 7:29
  • Hereby "too much time" I mean taking 90 to 120 second of time. but when I tried the method I mentioned above, My laptop shut down almost instantly(2 or 3 sec). So I am curious about the fact that is there any bad effect of this method of the quick shutdown. @waltinator
    – Rubel
    Mar 10 at 15:50

The default timeouts of systemd are completely insane; typically it's 30 seconds, and they tend to add up. Check your current settings with:

grep -i timeout /etc/systemd/*.conf

Then make a decision if there is anything that could possibly really take 30 seconds to shut down, or if you want to reduce e.g. DefaultTimeoutStopSec to something more reasonable like 10 or even 5 seconds.

IMHO any process that isn't finished shutting down itself within 5 seconds is seriously broken by design.

  • /etc/systemd/logind.conf:#HoldoffTimeoutSec=30s after runnng the command you mentioned I found this, /etc/systemd/system.conf:#DefaultTimeoutStartSec=90s /etc/systemd/system.conf:DefaultTimeoutStopSec=10s /etc/systemd/user.conf:#DefaultTimeoutStartSec=90s /etc/systemd/user.conf:#DefaultTimeoutStopSec=90s
    – Rubel
    Mar 14 at 12:52

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