Using Ubuntu 20.04.2, Gnome 3.36.8, GTK Theme: Cameo-Alu-Dark-Traditional Icon pack: Flattery

In the File application, the icons looks too big. As a result, there are fewer items displayed in the screen. Is there a way to have a more compact list view with smaller icon size?

enter image description here

  • You tried zooming out (Ctrl+Shift+-)? Does the issue happen also with the default Yaru theme? If no, then it is a problem with the theme you use. – vanadium Mar 3 at 10:10
  • @vanadium OMG thank you for teaching me that the Gnome File app is zoomable! The fix is straight forward, just Ctrl + Scroll wheel to set the zoom level and that's it. Regarding the key shortcut, somehow Ctrl-Shift-+ works but not with - to zoom out. Can you make an answer (instead of comment) so I can mark as answer ? – Polymerase Mar 3 at 20:22
  • It is Ctrl+- to zoom out and Ctrl+Shift++ to zoom in. Added this as an answer indeed, glad it helped you. – vanadium Mar 4 at 9:25

Icons can be sized by "zooming". Hit Ctrl+- to zoom out. Ctrl+Shift=/+ will zoom in. You can also zoom in or out from the button with the down pointing triangle (▼) or using the mouse scroll wheel while holding Ctrl.

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