I trieddocker run --net=host -d --name pdns-recursor pschiffe/pdns-recursor and it works. Now my goal is to use dockerfile to pass some environment without errors.

I tried:

  name: host


  name: "host"

and also the examples indicated here.

I always get an The Compose file './docker-compose.yml' is invalid because: services.recursor.networks.name contains an invalid type, it should be an object, or a null.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

  • Note that you say "dockerfile" but this isn't a Dockerfile but a Docker Compose file. – muru Mar 1 at 7:38
  • Yup, that was my bad I got confused. Will change it – user13539846 Mar 1 at 8:39

Use network_mode instead:


Network mode. Use the same values as the docker client --network parameter, plus the special form service:[service name].

network_mode: "bridge"
network_mode: "host"
network_mode: "none"

You can use networks to specify host networking in swarm mode, by setting the driver of a given network to host.


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