I sometimes have a memory and CPU hungry app running (for example MediathekView) and want to start another (for example FlightGear) (both from terminal, if that matters). If I just start both, my PC freezes after some seconds with full RAM, the hard disk lamp bright on all the time and full CPU. One possible solution could be to temporarily move the RAM pages of MediathekView to hard disk and then restore them later, similar to preventing MediathekView from eating my CPU by simply hitting Ctrl+Z, and restoring the process later by executing %. Is the same possible for the RAM ? If not, what else could I try ?

If it matters : I have 4GB RAM, where 1GB is always consumed by FireFox, MediathekView needs 1,5 GB and FlightGear needs 2,5 GB.

  • Memory management is best left to the operatin system unless you enjoy crashing computers. Information that is stored in RAM but not actively used will be shuffled into the swap file when another active process needs access to more physical memory, then returned when the original process runs again. – user1091774 Feb 26 at 23:03
  • Not anything you can control directly. But when a process is suspended with Ctrl-Z (or otherwhise inactive) it's memory pages will be swapped / paged) out to swap-space. So having enough SWAP may be a help. – Soren A Feb 27 at 0:01
  • @SorenA Well, i have 4 GB RAM, but when i first start MediathekView and then FlightGear, my PC will just freeze forever with full RAM, and only a reboot helps. Aren't 2 GB of SWAP enough ? – Programmer Feb 27 at 0:06
  • @Programmer If you run out of RAM and SWAP then 4 G RAM and 2 G SWAP isn't enough. Try to add more SWAP so you have same or 1,5 times RAM. But more RAM would be better / faster. – Soren A Feb 27 at 0:26
  • You should ask about the actual problem that you have, not your proposed solution. This will avoid what is called the "XY problem". – Nmath Feb 27 at 2:31

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