I am new to ubuntu . I have never used any linux based OS before .I am using zsh shell . I was setting up a development of a open source project on my machine for open source contribution . I followed up their setting up development guide . After setting up all whenever I open my terminal,after every fresh boot up, I see that some process is running , I have to press Ctrl + C to stop that process and do my work (Please see screenshot below) . My machine boot up time is also increased . I have checked that no docker container is running .

I had made some changes for development in .zshrc file . May be I had wrote wrong syntax that is causing this problem ? I don't know that much about on how to edit .zshrc file . If you know please let know .

I searched regarding this problem of my terminal on internet but I didn't find any solution for it .

If anyone knows what I have done wrong , please let me know . It will be great help as I will get to know new things.

Some process is running but don't know which one

I pressed Ctrl+C to stop the process

I added this line in .zshrc file

Thanking You,

Yours Truly

Rishabh Raghwendra

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    So... you are sourcing ~/.zshrc from ~/.zshrc? If so, that's going to create an infinite loop. – steeldriver Feb 26 at 12:42
  • @steeldriver , thanks buddy .. Now the problem is solved . I don't know that much about .zshrc file , may you tell me an best resource to learn about .zshrc file , because it's seems interesting too learn – Rishabh Raghwendra Feb 26 at 13:43
  • check askubuntu.com/questions/540683/… (.bashrc, but the logic is the same) – pLumo Feb 26 at 15:23

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