I have a problem with getting my subwoofer working on my 5.1 audio setup. Sound from speakers works no problem, but subwoofer refuses to make boom boom in 5.1 setting. When I switch to Analog Stereo Output (not 5.1) subwoofer works and makes boom boom. I have triple checked my audio cables and everything seems to be connected correctly.

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 and my motherboard is Asus Prime x570-Pro if that makes any difference. Cables are AUX from one side and RCA from the other. FR/FL is connected to Line Out on MB, Central/Subwoofer is connected to C/SUB and RR/RL to Rear Out. The speakers are "Genius SW-HF5.1 5200 HD" if it helps.

As other post suggested, modified /etc/pulse/daemon.conf, uncommented default-sample-channels = 2 and changed it to default-sample-channels = 6, but it did not help.

Also including alsamixer and PulseAudio settings. Not sure what else to include, so I will provide any other outputs as quickly as possible.

Could someone please help me with this problem?

Thank you very much!


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