I'm planning to start a new project. However, I can't find a really simple documentation to getting started with launchpad.net.

What should I do to create a new project?

I will appreciate any kind of suggestion of good documentation. So feel free to give all your help answering the following. Thanks!

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How to create a project

I will show how to create a project on Launchpad. I recommend that you go to staging.launchpad.net to create a test project first. This is what I will do in my example. The process is exactly the same on launchpad.net.

First, click 'Register a project' on the home page.

alt text

Enter the project information.

alt text

Add extra details including a lengthy description, a homepage URL and a licence (choose GNU GPL v3 if you are not sure which to pick).

alt text

Click 'Complete Registration' to create your project.

See https://help.launchpad.net/Code/QuickStart for how to host your project code.

There are tools available to make code hosting easier. Quickly is a useful tool for helping you to get started with programming on Ubuntu using python, bzr and Launchpad.

Also to simplify the code hosting and bzr version control, you can use the excellent Ground Control which integrates your Launchpad projects into the Nautilus file manager.

I also find nautilus-bzr a useful tool because it provides emblems showing the status of files in a bzr branch.

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